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Scripps Research/ Wondros Writing Test

"All of Us" writing test.


The below is a messaging concept for our campaign. The idea is to create a series of ads, with varying imagery, that feature lines communicating features of the program while maintaining our brand voice.Please come up with 10 taglines to support the campaign. (In the below image you’ll see the placeholder taglines).The lines must center around the themes below, but you can say it any way you like.-Importance of diversity-A new type of research-Finding cures-Innovation-Community. Here are some examples of headlines as they would appear in marketing material:

allofus sample headlines.png



The below is an except about the program. It communicates all important points of the program but needs to be adjusted to fit our language conventions and 5thgrade reading-level requirement.Please rewrite the below for a 5thgrade reading-level audiencein our tone & voice, using our language conventions.

Here is the text you must adapt to a 5th grade reading level:


Enroll in the All of Us research program with the help of a dedicated web site or smartphone app. After enrollment, you will be guided in the All of Us app through several consent screens, including consent to share your EHRs data, you will then be guided to your doctor’s EHR patient portal in the app where, after you must use your private credentials to sign off, you will be asked to complete an approval process before your healthcare team can transmit your EHR data to the All of Us Program. Whether you approve or not to share your EHRs data you will be automatically returned to the All of Us Program and then you will be asked to complete a few short electronic questionnaires of your experience.

My responses


allofus responses 1.png
allofus responses 2.png


Adaptation of text to 5th
Grade Reading Level

Sign up for the All of Us research program using your smartphone or computer online. Once you sign up,
the All of Us app will ask for permission to use your EHRs information. You will finish giving your
permission once you sign off using your own username and password. Your information cannot be
shared with the All of Us Program until you give permission. Whether you agree or not to share your
EHRs information you will be returned to the All of Us Program and you will be asked a few more
questions about your experience.

Adaptation of text to 5thGrade
Reading Level (in Spanish)

Inscríbase en el programa de investigación “All of Us”’ usando su teléfono o computadora. Una vez que
se registre, la aplicación “All of Us” le pedirá permiso para compartir su información . Terminará de dar su
permiso una vez que cierre la sesión usando su propio nombre de usuario y contraseña.
Su información no puede ser compartida con “All of Us” hasta que usted les de permiso. Después de
permitir (o no permitir) que se compartan tus datos, regresará al programa de “All of Us” y se le harán
un par de preguntas más sobre su experiencia.

Health PSAs for the Mexican Consulate

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